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Reputation that endures time.

At Deevyashakti Group, we have always believed in creating gold standards in whatever we do. Which is why, we are today a trusted name that’s renowned for excellence – be it in innovation, quality practices, or sustainability across a diverse portfolio of businesses.

With a legacy spanning over four decades, we have become the first choice of customers and vendors in the diverse fields of paper manufacturing, laminate production, and real estate development.

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Relishing the Cityscapes


It is very seldom that you find an address that combines the best-in-class luxury with a best-for-you lifestyle


Lakeview Luxe Living, at Kokapet is well placed in the middle of cosmopolitan development

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Led by Innovation, Driven by Satisfaction.

At Deevyashakti Group, we hold true to our values and ethics. Forever committed to putting India on the global map, we are rooted to our traditions and legacy while always being focused on pioneering path-breaking innovations and keeping up with customer-centric trends.

We’re guided by tenets that will forever be our cornerstones to success.


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